Species Composition and Occurrence Patterns of Zooplankton in Gamag Bay



Zooplankton was sampled vertically with a Norpac net from Gamag Bay in April, July, September and December, 2001. Copepods were predominant in April and December, and cladocerans in July and Noctiluca scintillans in September, respectively. There are high spatio-temporal fluctuations in the abundance of zooplankton with a range of 22~17,197 indiv./m3. In the copepod community, neritic species, Eurytemora pacifica, Acartia omorii, Centropages abdominalis and Calanus sinicus were predominant in April; Labidocera rotunda and A. erythraea in July; A. erythraea and Paracalanus parvus s. l. in September; A. omorii and E. pacifica in December. However, oceanic species Eucalanus sp. and Neocalanus sp. were abundant in September. It indicates that although Gamag Bay is semi-closed, the distribution pattern of zooplankton is seasonally strongly affected by oceanic waters in addition to neritic ones.

Key words : Gamag Bay, zooplankton, neritic species